Brunei white shrimp‘s farming concept is based on the persistence in environmental protection and sustainable management.

Persistence without the release of any antibiotics and other agents reached:

No antibiotics, no preservatives, no harmful bacteria, no heavy metals!

The place of origin is Brunei, which is located in the north of Borneo, the third largest island in the world. Because it is located in the equator without wind, it is summer all year round, the climate is stable, and the geographical location is excellent. It does not use any drugs and antibiotics throughout the process, and insists on non-toxic methods Cultivate Brunei white shrimp, which is also a rare fresh shrimp in the industry directly to the factory. Brunei white shrimp is harvested and transported live. It arrives at the factory for quick-freezing and packaging within 15 minutes. The whole process is completed by the same company, and the quality is stable compared to the market. Most of the methods of off-site breeding and off-site packaging can reduce the delivery time, so no maintenance of preservatives is needed, and complete quality control is achieved throughout the process.

In the more than 20 years since the blue shrimp farming, there has not been any record of virus outbreaks, and it has also become the royal shrimp of the Brunei royal family. Today, the white shrimp farming plan has also been valued by the Brunei government. Unusual “Brunei White Shrimp”.

And 70% of Brunei ’s land is covered by tropical rain forests. The undeveloped natural areas are quite primitive and because there is no industrial pollution, there is no need to worry about Brunei white shrimp cultured in pure seawater will be polluted by heavy metal-containing waters. .

Low-density farming gives shrimps plenty of room for exercise, allowing white prawns to reach their perfect body. Compared to freshwater and freshwater cultured shrimps, pure marine cultured shrimps are fresher and sweeter, and the ultra-low temperature quick freezing technology is used to retain the freshness and sweetness of the shrimps. The white shrimps also provide boxed cooked shrimps with complete and advanced equipment For market choice.

From nursery, breeding, processing, all completed in the same company, with complete quality monitoring.

There is no too gorgeous name, but there is extraordinary high quality!

Hundreds of species of white shrimp, we only give you the best Brunei white shrimp