Taiwan Natural Organic Co., Ltd. is the sole agent of Brunei GOLDEN CORP.’s ” Brunei Blue Shrimp”.
Brunei has a stable climate, pure waters and no industrial pollution, making it very suitable for shrimp farming. The Brunei Blue Shrimp is also a breed designated by the Brunei royal family. It is plump and has a firm and delicate flesh.
The Brunei Blue Shrimp is prepared by the company from the cultivation of shrimp, seedlings, materials, materials, processing and marketing. This will not only provide complete quality control, but also record the production history in detail.
Compared with white shrimp or prawn from China, Vietnam, Thailand and other places, antibiotics and preservatives are commonly contaminated by heavy metals. The quality and safety of Brunei blue shrimp is especially valuable.
Because blue shrimp has very high environmental requirements, it must be cultured by pure seawater and it is a low-density breeding growth space.Therefore, blue shrimp has the reputation of “the happiest shrimp in the world”.
 In 2001, the company won the affirmation of the Brunei royal family and cooperated with the royal family to create the “Sashimi-class Organic Brunei Blue Shrimp”. After years of unremitting efforts and a long-term frozen shrimp packaging model that cost 400 million dollars, from landing to packaging. Completed within 1 hour, it has ensured that the shrimps are sent to the consumers’ hands and are still fresh and sweet. Just from the shrimp, seedling, cultivation, materials, processing, marketing, all the way, due to the persistence of the environment and the concept of sustainable operation, without any antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, and the industrial environment in Brunei; no virus infection has been erupted in 12 years, and it has been awarded Ecocert certification, China and EU organic certification and SGS ISO22000. HACCP food safety certification and HAHAL certification of Brunei government halal food.
“Brunei Blue Shrimp” is the brainchild of Taiwan’s technology and Brunei’s environment!
“Brunei Blue Shrimp” is a model for continuous management of shrimp culture. It proves that healthy shrimp can also be obtained through artificial breeding without damaging the ecological environment and sustainable operation.